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  • Has resulted from 23 years of R & D by the industry’s finest watermen operating in extreme conditions worldwide.
  • Template fits nicely into the draft of the PWC
  • Bullet-nose allows 45° fishtail pivot off PWC transom.
  • Highly maneuverable. Barely affects low-speed motoring while increasing overall stability of craft.
  • 70/30 rails allow sufficient tracking for stability while still allowing driver to break loose for quick turns.
  • Overall length sufficient for comfort and security yet short enough for maneuverability.
  • Swallow-tail design facilitates the centering of bodies as when an incapacitated victim is uphauled.
  • Design allows sled to be folded over jet-ski when not in use.

Deck Materialsdeck-material.png

  • Fine cell hypoallergenic crosslinked polyethylene.
  • Abrasion resistant.
  • Tacky when wet.
  • Comfortable.
  • High Visibility Yellow, UV-stable (colorfast and weatherable)
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals allows the deck to be washed and sterilized by bleach,soaps or alcohol.



  • Triangulation attachment of LIFESLED to most any PWC in 3 minutes with stability and flex.
  • Severe-duty 3-point hook-up system: Central tow of 9,000 lb test Dynema® with Lateral Bungee Stabilizers composed
    of 2 x ½” double-sheathed, marine-grade shock cord.
  • Stabilizers allow for 45° pivot of sled for enhanced maneuverability.
  • Large area load displacement minimizes stress on tow components, maximizes strength-to-weight ratio.


  • Internally/externally fiber-reinforced, tacky-when-wet.
  • 750+lbs lb break strength. Handles allow victim to be carried as on a backboard.
  • Ten 9.5” handles on LS1, Twelve handles on LS2.
  • Flexible - allows victim to be hoisted over yet still firm enough to fence-in.
  • UV, weather resistant.
  • Structurally simple with no extraneous shrouds or screws.

Hull Materials

  • Proprietary weatherable copolymer. Will not heat-warp in intense sun.
  • Highly impact & abrasion resistant with hardness and gloss for years of marine use.
  • Extreme compressive strength for resistance to folding or creasing.
  • High-visibility, UV-stable "COAST GUARD ORANGE" (colorfast and weatherable).
  • Easily mended.

Hull Specs and Testing Results


Molded Nose Guardmolded-nose-guard.png

  • Custom-molded UHMWPE. (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene).
  • Extreme impact resistant.
  • Will not heat-warp in intense sun.
  • Extreme compressive strength & abrasion resistance for long wear.


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