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A word about towing sleds.

It is fairly obvious to see that PWC companies are not building PWCs with a sled in mind despite the fact that PWCs alone are useless as tits on a bull without a rescue sled. Certainly, you can reach your victim quickly with a PWC but try to uphaul an incapacitated victim in the 11 seconds before the next wave comes.

We see transoms of all shapes and contours and engine cowlings with oblique angles that are not conducive to the connection of a sled.So, Wahoo has designed inexpensive mounting adaptors that greatly improve the handling of the PWC/SLED “system”. A simple three point hook-up was founded by Wahoo and appears to be the most effective. Our modular lateral stabilizer system is inexpensive, lasts about 3 years or more and simply screws into the robust 1" NPT fittings.

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